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We oversee infrastructure and incoming services from the concept stage right through to fruition to ensure your organisation’s buildings and facilities operate as efficiently as possible. This can be done for distribution centres, offices, shopping centres, mixed use city centre schemes, supermarkets, hospital/health centres, apartments, hotels and/or stand-alone buildings.

Utility Supplies

Utilities are basic necessities that help bring a building to life. This can be anything from supplying power to equipment and lighting, gas for heating, water to taps and faucets, drainage measures to remove waste or installing telecommunications equipment to keep you connected. Whatever your needs, we can help to oversee it all.

Enabling Services

Utility services like power, water, gas, drainage, AC and telecommunications are an essential requirement throughout the construction phase. We are able to get these temporary services up and running efficiently while your building is still in its infancy stage.

Parking and Access Control

Well designed parking facilities enable vehicles to access your building conveniently, efficiently and securely. We not only work on the design and implementation of these facilities, but also the access control systems to ensure visitors enter and exit your building in a way that suits you best.


Whether you are wanting to light up buildings, roads, signage, gardens, or pathways, we are able to implement lighting systems to ensure you have around the clock visibility for safety and security.

Leisure Areas

When it comes to leisure and recreational areas, we are able to help you achieve your goals. From squash or tennis courts, high-tech gymnasiums, swimming pools, community cafes, or grassy areas for relaxation, we are able to help curate and construct spaces that are functional, durable, high quality and energy efficient.

Mechanical Heating and Cooling Systems

At Ubhi Projects we ensureevery building, irrespective of its use,is warmed and cooled to maintain a safe and consistent ambient temperature.Thanks to ourhigh-quality mechanical heating and cooling systems we are able to keep all buildings at optimal temperature to avoid overheating.

Piped Systems

Piped systems work by treating/filtering and distributing water to all areas of the building. Whether piped systems are required for sprinklers, clean drinking water or grey water recycling, or heated and/or chilled water, we ensure every system is implemented efficiently and effectively.

Ventilation / Air Conditioning Systems

Ventilation/air conditioning systems are essential in controlling the ventilation, humidity and temperature in buildings to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Although the type and size of a plant varies to suit the nature and project demands, we are able to cater for all.Temperature/humidity control is not only comfortable for occupants but necessary for cooling the likes of computer rooms, server rooms, food processes, and more. We also produce ventilation systems for fresh air requirements as well as extraction systems for heavy fumes/exhaust air in manufacturing plants.

Electrical Supply / Power / Lighting Systems

We ensureevery building has a thoughtfully designed Lighting System in place to allow optimal light to flood throughout the space. We also implementsafe, electrical power within the building to supply the building with thenecessary energy to runTVs, computers, security systems, heaters and fans and more.

Communications / Security / Controls Systems

We successfully implement communications, security and controls systems to ensure buildings remain safe and connected. With an increasing demand for these systems, we make sure buildingsare fitted with the latest technology to keep intruders out – while keeping users connected to their clients and the outside world.

Disposal Systems

Rain Water

Our buildings can be fitted with a variety of rain water systemsin order to make sure no amount of weather phases the structure. Whether you want to efficiently drain rain water away, or even reuse the water within the building, we have solutions for all requirements.

Waste Drainage and Waste

We design and implement waste drainage and disposal systems that are safe and sterile, without compromising on performance.


Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Nendle Acoustics, we are able to provide professional acoustic advice across a large range of sectors. This includes offering the specialisation in design, supply and installation of standard and bespoke products, offering cost-effective solutions to noise and vibration problems.

Acoustic Chambers and Enclosures

We specialise in designing and manufacturing all types of acoustic chambers and enclosures in order to soundproof rooms. Whether you need the perfect sound for a recording studio, privacy for a boardroom/meeting room, or sound reduction for a building generator, we can implement acoustic chambers and enclosures to eliminate noise and sound leakage.

Recording Studios

When it comes to recording spaces, we understand that no two studios can be the same. So whether you are a producer, singer/songwriter or recording lines for a movie, we can create a customised, bespoke studio tailored to your specific requirements.

Sound Barriers

If privacy is also a concern, then barriers, fences and baffles can be implemented around your premises to provide added security while eliminating noise pollution.

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic louvres allow for the reduction of noise pollution (including mechanical and airborne noise) whilst maintaining optimal air crossflow. They are particularly beneficial for items such as generators as they allow for air to flow freely through the enclosure, while reducing and minimising noise pollution.

Acoustic Panels

If a particular room is leaking noise, then design acoustic panels can be attached to the existing walls and ceilings in order to prevent noise from escaping and bouncing back.

Vibration Control

Large plants generally transmit low frequency rumbling vibrations from items such as chillers and generators. We are able to review the situation, whether the issue is low or high frequency, and propose solutions before works commence or after completion.